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Project Overview

Pet Loss Grief and Digital Remembrance

In this personal project, to address the pet loss grief issue, I started by researching China's pet market and studying pet parent's habits and psychology. Then I rethought the role of electronic data in pet parents' life and how it could potentially reshape the emotional and spiritual bond.

In the end, I designed two sets of interrelated services that work together to assist pet parents in capturing life moments and provide consolation.

Service that monitors pets’ health and builds their lifelogs.

An app that provides help to those who suffered from pet loss.

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6 weeks

Yujing Tang 
Angel Liu

Project Type
Service Design 
Product Design

Why Pet Loss Is An Issue?

There are a growing number of single youth in China who keep pets. For them, the death of a pet is often the first time they face a close one's death. However, education death is neglected in our culture and education system. It is not easy to convince oneself to go for psychological counseling, let alone because of the pet loss. But if the sorrow caused by a pet's death cannot be resolved in time, it will bring lifelong regrets.


Scope of the Issue
Pet Bereavement Grief is a complex issue involving psychological, economic, and individual personality differences.

We seek to find a supportive solution that all pet parents can use, regardless of their financial ability, and we want to minimize the solution’s disturbance to their current pet-raising pattern.

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