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In the beginning,

the grand debate was fairly gentle. Gradually, everyone found that they couldn't convince the other side, and turn to smear the people who cultivated the virus. “A kind-hearted person will definitely not cultivate an ugly virus, and only a dirty mind can fertilize a harmful virus.”

The concept of the virus expand rapidly under this frenzy, and it quickly merged with the concepts that are already perceived by human minds. It became a giant blob that synthesizes with everything it touches. Everybody talks about it yet nobody remembers its original stateless appearance.

Suddenly, I became the one who dug up the question, as if thousands of eyes were staring at me from that hollow hole. I was stunned, surprised, and recovered. I looked at the virus blob behind me, raised my trembling hands, opened my mouth and spoke the distorted words. I sweat not because I was on the edge of being despicable, but I felt that I have lost the sovereignty of my own mind to the looming image of the mega virus in the cosmos, that we constructed collectively.