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Naion Without Border

Nation Without Borders is a speculative organization that helps the immigrants of 2068 cross the border. In 2068, The U.S. citizens are forced to cross the U.S.-Canada border due to America's catastrophic economic situation and the environmental disasters. The organization's identity comprises a guide book, survival materials, and website. We are preparing for a future dictated by the current climate through speculative design.

Designed and performed by Jeffrey Tang, Erica Silver, and Madeleine Teh.

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Future Time Line   ⮕ ⮕ ⮕

We did researches in different fields to create this future timeline. Click here to bring you to the timeline on our website and you can visit the original articles from there.



Our Logo Design and Manifesto

We are a group of friends and activists that established Nation Without Borders in 2018, in hopes of reaching out to people who will be forced to flee their homes by 2068.

We are a collective that advocates for the rightsand safety of displaced peoples.

We organize journeys and accompany migrants and refugees to ensure their safety on these trips.

We aspire to raise awareness about how the dangers the political climate on both sides of the US-Canada border have on displaced peoples.

We dream of a future where communities are united by goodwill and not divided by walls.

We are preparing for a future dictated by the current political climate through speculative design.

Our Survival Kit and Guide 

Photos of Our Event