April-June, 2019

Fritz Drury

Yujing Tang (Design, Programming)
Jiani Yu (Design, Modelling, Animation)

Tevin Prince, 
Roni Capellan (School of Audio Engineering)

Project Overview

Our team designed a VR story re-exploring the concept of death for the audience of all ages (primarily the elderly). It works as a hospice experience that seeks to normalize the concept of “death” and bring participants ease and peace.
Project Context
As modern medical technology develops, the primary cause of deaths in the present and the close future has become chronic conditions such as cancer and heart diseases.

The longer average life expectancy also means there will be an increasing number of elderly inflicted by these chronic diseases.

The Doctor from the local hospital gave us a lecture on the psychology of the hospice patients and provided us with the user persona.

Our Design

We have designed a VR story. The core idea is to tell that life is not about its length but the uniqueness of each person's experience and story. Death is not only the end of this journey and also the beginning of the next adventure.

We employed a lot of metaphors in our story.

It is a story of waking up at the sickbed and walking through your life in a reversed order. The different stages of life are symbolized by the four seasons. The player will experience the different life events at each season.

The tree is home. One is born like a small tree. As one grows, he/she casts a greater shadow and takes greater responsibilities.

Concept Art by Jiani Yu

︎︎︎The Lantern and Life
The hand-held lantern symbolizes one's life. Every time one connects with others, he/she share the light with the cherished ones. As the game progresses, the lantern lights up more street lamps and shines brighter. Finally, we put it back home and walk to the end of life.

Sketches and Process

 Presentation Day