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I have been working with VR since March, 2019. My studies include VR’s implementation in palliative care and entertainment.

My recent interest is in exploring different hand tracking interactions in VR. Each study I experiment an way to interact with the environment and objects by our hands.



︎2019.6  ︎6 weeks  ︎Team of 2

A VR story that explores the concept of life and death that aims to deliver palliative care.

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Light is liquid           
︎2020.11 ︎Personal Case Study 

In boundless desert lonely smoke rises straight;
Over endless river the sun sinks round.

One of my studies of handtracking interaction in VR. The scene is inspired by a Chinse poetry line.

Untitled     2020.10

Wind in VR (on going)    
︎2020.12 ︎Personal Case Study

Can we feel the wind in VR? Can we see the wind? Can we fan the grass or put out fire by our hands?

This study explores the perception of wind in VR  and the indirect interaction between the hands and the objects.

Hand Tracking and UI  2020.5

Neon Roamer

︎2019.3  ︎3 weeks  ︎Team of 3

A VR parkour game for the patients who are incapable of walking upright. 

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Zan Island

︎2019.1  ︎1 week 

My first VR work. Have special meaning for myself.