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Perspective Essay

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Relection on this unit:
At this unit, we started by writing a personal essay about our own understanding and experience with graphic design. During such process, by introspecting, I gradually realized a pattern and a range of topics that I work with unconsiously, which are human future, technology and social problems and their relationship with graphic design. I am always being critical of humanity and technology and has a strong feeling about the dystopian future that our society is leaning towards. Such realization is not a impulse but a consequence of a slower process that I gradually built up throughout the entire DS curriculum and every step I took defines where I am and what kind of designer I am. I admitted the negativity of humanity and believe it to be inevitable and I don’t know what’s the worst that could happen to the human future, or, post-human era and I keep exploring the topic with my own thinking and researching. With these ideas in mind, I can tell powerfull stories. “Nothing is more persuasive than a good story.” I agree nothing but this quote with the last season of Game of Thrones. Relying on the narrating strategy, dystopian ideas and all the techiniques that I have acquired or not acquired yet, I realize there are so many things I could do and I want to do, and that’s the best I can get from the course.

Therefore, overall, this unit is a great summary for my DS courses and now I know better where my interests are and where should I go next. 

Other Project This Semester:

GD Photowall Proposal

GD needs a photo wall. Every department has a photo wall and Gd should have one as well. Our proposed photo wall will be digital and exhibits faculty and student’s works as a way of self-promotion. I learnt how to use Adobe XD during the project.