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God gave me hands to explore the truth, yet I used them to cultivate the virus.

A friend from afar sent me a seed. Like thousands of other seeds, it was planted in my mind. It has an ominous name, Virus. It didn't bug me. After all, it looks harmless, and it has nothing but bearing an empty name, at least for now.

Life continued as usual, and I was still digging in the vast universe with my hands. From the moment I was born, there was a voice telling me that my destiny was to find the truth with my blessed hands. However, what I dug up the most in my daily work were people's swearings and product commercials. No one told me what the truth looks like. Or maybe I have already found the truth, but it was not good-looking enough, so I threw it back. Anyway, I have at least some collections that I believe to be close to the truth.

What does it look like?