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Design Walkthrough

Let’s raise a pet!

︎︎︎You got a dog from a breeder.

At the storng recommendation of the breeder, you downloaded the Along app because you want some help with pet-raising.


︎︎︎First, you would upload photos of your pet and the system would analyze its outlook and generate an avatar accordingly

It can interact with you, speak on behalf of your pet, and teach you pet-related knowledge.

︎︎︎Then You would go through a pet-raising guide

It’s a guide that helps you go through pet-raising initial stages, including pet licensing, vaccination, and insurance.

*Our Research indicates that most of the Chinese pet parents don't know about pet insurance, but they all show a high willingness to purchase one for their pets once they are acknowledged
︎︎︎You would like to subscribe to the pet supply pack

It’s a monthly delivered subscription pack that brings you the best pet supplies. You can edit the content of the pack on your phone.

You can also upload pet photos to the app and receive them in hard copies in the pack.

︎︎︎You would be constantly reminded to check your pet’s health

The pet avatar will automatically remind the you to take the pet for a regular examination, manage the physical examination goal, and find nearby animal hospitals' availability and ratings. The medical report will be updated in the pet's electronic file.

It also supports hardware such as a smart dog collar to help monitor the health of pets.

︎︎︎When your pet gets old, you would be prepare for his/her death

When the profile realizes that your pet has entered the senior age, it would start the pet palliative care plan and change the subscription box's content and the avatar conversation.

And you would be introduced to the Across app.

︎︎︎You would take a mental evaluation test on the Across app and receive a customized recovery plan based on the test result

︎︎︎You would join a community of empathizers to whom you can share your feelings

There would be a pet-loss podcast where you can speak up about your experience with your beloved pet. You can also receive psychological consultation service on the app.

︎︎︎You would always revisit your memories with your pet at Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise is a virtual resting space for your pet avatar, and here you can look at all the data collected throughout his/her life and relive those memories.